Heart your mind

We provide several on- ánd offline products to fuel up your team, project or event. All of them have one thing in common; connection from human to human is at the core of it’s design


We help you to connect your organization via the ether.
Bring the entire organization into contact with each other. Want to hear from your colleagues or let yourself be heard? With One Day Radio, your organization has its own radio station, all day long.

Interviews, requests, ‘greetings’ or ‘win a competition’. Nothing is more fun than listening to the radio at home during your work. Now radio is your work! A channel for meeting, relaxation, information and inspiration! Live from location or from our own studio, we go On Air together!

Check: www.onedayradio.nl

The Homework Show

A light intermezzo to take a break from the boring home working days.

With this complete and interactive online program, we ensure solidarity but above all a good dose of humor. In between all the serious Zoom meetings, this online boost will provide the positive energy that your employees desperately need right now.

The Homework Show is a compact program where content, humor and play alternate at a rapid pace. In a show of between 25 and 55 minutes, we put together a program together with you that matches your wishes and goals. 

More information: www.thuiswerkshow.nl


The long-drawn-out Corona crisis inevitably results in moments when you don’t like life that much, your motivation subsides or you get a dip. That moment when you long for refreshment, a perspective or just feel the need to laugh incredibly hard.

Improjuice is an improvised cabaret performance that is not only funny but also intelligent, substantive, sharp, professional and effective. Not an act where you can sit back and relax, but full of interaction. A collective of the best improvisation cabaret artists are ready to create a tailor-made performance for you.


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Or something like this? We (re-)design as long as it takes to fit.