Heart & Mind Shakers




New thoughts bring new possibilities.
We bring new thoughts.

We believe

We believe that honest communication and true connections lead to more energy and directed action. We know love’s a killer app and fear’s a show stopper. We provide the inspiration, the tools and the support to feel the safety of the valley and reach for new peaks.

Boosting business

Create more value with the same resources! How? We provide new insights and knowledge and make them last with thrilling experiences.

exciting Events

Events should shake, rattle and roll. We help you set the right stage by clearing up the goals. Nów we can design the right experience for the right audience.

personal Progress

Change is outside and within you. Turning it into progress is all about how you resonate, respond and act. We guide you to your essence of power.


You should be, cause curiosity killed the can’t ;).

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