Going to pieces Without falling apart

Cut the crap, the world needs true connection and honest communication.
At Kuroso we like to redesign language, leadership & culture by bringing honesty and love to the table.  Our custom made programs are for the ones who really want to take a deep dive into what’s withholding themselves and/or their team.  Let us guide you to the source and unlock true potential.


Want your team or project to catch fire? We’ll bring the fuel and the matches!

  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Masterclasses

Lowering social friction and stimulating intellectual friction is the core of our approach

  • Corporate Shaman Sessions
  • Team Emplacement
  • Walkabouts

Getting energized and inspired is one thing, making it last needs more.

  • Experience days
  • Business Boost weekend

i think this could be it!

Every person is unique, every situation different. Let’s get working on lowering friction and rising the power of creation by having a first informal call. We’ll know quick enough if we got what it takes to help with your next steps.